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Global Release of “AFTERTHEMATHNovember 26th, 2022

AFTERTHEMATH by Bright-Eyed & Blind


With a voice sounding like an aural doppelganger for Gwen Stefani, Jalena Hegemann of Milwaukee’s Bright-Eyed & Blind might at first be expected to ply her instrument second wave ska and other rhythmic pop styles. Instead, Hegemann’s band harkens back to hooky ‘80s-indebted hard rock on their sophomore album, AFTERTHEMATH

Bright-Eyed & Blind’s approach conjures the notion of an attitudinally rawer Pat Benatar with, perhaps, notes of Patty Smyth’s power pop sensibility and the angular vocal phrasing of Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio. Where that leaves Hegemann and her mates in a commercial rock radio soundscape, it’s tough to tell. Their sounds could spark nostalgia among many listeners with songs that doesn’t seek to make a carbon copy of any particular artist or era.

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Life Trip by Bright-Eyed & Blind


Mastered to sound loud, the new album by Milwaukee’s Bright-Eyed & Blind packs a double-fisted delivery. The band maintains guitar-powered intensity over a pile-driving rock beat and boasts the lovely yet tough vocals of Jalena Hegemann, a Pat Benatar for our time. The 10 punchy tracks are credited to the band but whoever is chiefly responsible clearly has a knack for conceiving ear-glue melodies. The overall impression is reminiscent of some of the best FM rock at the cusp of 1979-1980.

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