The Band

Bright-Eyed & Blind took shape in the summer of 2018. Based out of Milwaukee, the all-original band released their debut album, “Life Trip” in 2020 receiving positive reviews. David Luhrssen from Shepherd Express said, “The overall impression is reminiscent of some of the best FM rock at the cusp of 1979-1980.”. Their debut release has had the support from 91.7 WMSE, 89.5 QKAL and 95.1 WIIL. The band has been featured on podcasts including Banks Radio Australia and The Balcony Show. The band was invited to be the opening show at WIIL Rockfest 2022 in Grayslake. They are excited to release their sophomore album, “Afterthemath”, this fall which was a collaboration of ideas and talents that extended over the past 18 months.

Jalena Hegemann


Dave Smid


Steve Draganchuk – Guitar

Jim “Jimbo” Gnas – Percussion

Dennis “Denny J” Jernberg Jr. – Keys/Guitar

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